There are always a range of projects on the go at Restored by Hand; a selection of them are shown here.

Danish style timber lounge suite


Materials:Teak, cold bees wax finish.

Description:Simple structure, encapsulating the form and function of mid-century design.

Restoration notes:Cleaning furniture that has been left outside in the elements takes time. There is added grime, as well as the deterioration of the timber where the estapol has worn away. Sanding is made easier by being thorough during the stripping process.

Availability:For sale at The Market, Masonic Temple, 6 December 2015.

Simple desk / table


Materials:Pine, cold bees wax finish.

Description:Very simple pine table, suited to use as a desk. Shows the battle scars of a well used past, most likely in domestic kitchen employment.

Restoration notes:Application of the cold bees-wax finish using a traditional reed burnisher (or polissoir) was a great upper arm workout! Finishing with very fine steel wool assisted in ensuring a consistent, smooth finish of the wax across the table top.


Georgian huon-pine chest of drawers


Materials:Huon pine, soft wax finish.

Description:Beautiful Georgian piece, very solid and featuring a wonderful birds eye inlay in the centre top drawer. A Tasmanian antique.

Restoration notes:A chest of drawers is a labour intensive job, with each drawer individually attended to. However, it is a joyful job to work with such a beautiful timber, particularly during sanding when the grain shyly starts to reveal itself.

Availability:For sale at Kent and Kent Antiques

Child's chair


Materials:Unknown timber, soft wax finish.

Description:Nicely turned child's chair, very solid in its construction.

Restoration notes:Don't attempt to restore a piece like this unless you have many, many hours to spare! The dark stain is difficult to sand away, and it can be fiddly working with such a small, detailed piece. However, it can be meditative once you are settled in and focussed!

Availability:For sale at Kent and Kent Antiques

Old scales


Materials:Metal, soft wax finish.

Description:Very heavy old scales, with copper transfers.

Restoration notes:How excellent is a bit of steel wool? Using increasing grades of steelwool, the rust and grime was carefully removed. A finish with some wax brings out the shine.

Availability:For sale at Kent and Kent Antiques